Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#DifferentSpokes - with @mesirii from Neo Technology

Earlier today we hosted our 6th episode of #DifferentSpokes and had on special guest Michael Hunger from Neo Technology.

It was a great episode with a nice and geeky discussion about Neo4j and Graph Databases, as well as some very interesting tidbits of information about our guest. Including his awesome coffee shop complete with a bar made out of books, and wall paint made from coffee. He even answered Kyle's burning question about their sand graph at Waza 2013!

We also launched our third #DifferentSpokes special challenge so you have to watch the recording to get a head start. If you have questions about the challenge feel free to email or cruise through one of these helpful links on Neo4j:
Again, a big thanks to Michael for joining us today and bringing some cool new topics to the table, all while battling his hotel internet bandwidth! We were pretty amped up after the show and are really excited to get some more Neo4j challenges launched. We also can't wait to have him back on, but next time from his coffee shop!

Check out the recording of today's show below, and don't forget to get that head start on the newest #DifferentSpokes challenge.

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