Monday, April 29, 2013

Future of the Cloud Day Recap

With the the 2013 Future of the Cloud Day now behind us, it is time to recap the amazing day and the great work done by the CloudSpokes community, in their local communities.

We had aimed to get 10 members in 10 different countries involved with FOTC Day this year and knew that would be an great feat. While we did not reach our goals we still had a great level of participation and even more interest from members who just couldn't fit a day of volunteering into their Friday schedule. Don't worry though, we will definitely change the structure up a bit next year to allow the most amount of participants as possible!

We were ecstatic to see some of the pictures and hear the awesome stories of what our community members were doing to give back and really goes to show the strong sense of community all you CloudSpokers share. We also want to highlight those who were able to participate this year and give a big thanks for their efforts.

Romin, who in true CloudSpokes fashion, used his technical expertise to give back, making public all of his material for his Google App Engine Workshop. The material contains slides, presentations, hands-on exercises. Opening up all of this information and providing the exercises and tutorials to fellow CloudSpokes members is a great example of giving back to the CloudSpokes community for FOTC Day, and we hope that the community uses his great resources to continue to learn and grow. Romin also included a cool picture of his social media announcements and GitHub snapshot!

Rakeshp1988 visited two schools for the blind and an orphanage on behalf of the Corporate Social Responsibility team and sent in some great pictures of his day. Not only one great cause but two in one day!

Sgurumurthy also went the technology route and used his FOTC Day to make enhancements on an app he built for the Oxfam TrailWalker event. Shashi originally built an application for the 100km walk/run management team with functions of registration, checkins at checkpoints, and certificate printing. He built the app on Google App Engine, used Google Cloud Storage for storing certificates and also provided an SMS - Text based interface to the system using Intuit's txtWeb solution.

Shashi's app was originally used at the Bangalore Trailwalker event back in January that had 640 members participate. With his enhancements from Friday's Future of the Cloud Day, we expect next year it will be even more of a hit, and he'll have to build something else for the great charity! You can check out the current version of his application here.

Again a huge thanks to all members who were able to participate and we are very excited to see what the community has in store for the next Future of the Cloud Day! To see all the great pics from Shashi, Rakesh, Romin and the CloudSpokes crew check out our FOTC Day2013 photo album below:


  1. Great work. CrowdTech Community helping the local communities, awz stuff!

    3 Cheers for all CS Members!

  2. Really impressed by what the community did! What a cool event!