Saturday, April 13, 2013

Help smarten up the Smartsheet API with a new Bug Bash challenge

Our marquee Spokes partner, Smartsheet, is throwing down the gauntlet. It’s the beginning of a series of Smartsheet challenges focused on the new Smartsheet API, and CloudSpokes members (like you) are getting the first peek. Note that this is only the first of many of Smartsheet API challenges. Getting in early will provide a leg-up on some bigger and badder challenges to come.

Do you enjoy finding bugs, errors, inconsistencies,  documentation gaps, breaking API’s and protocols? If so then this first challenge is for you. This is a classic bug bash challenge focused on the new Smartsheet API and API docs. We are looking for anything that you can break or that does not function the way it should. We are thrilled to start and will be awarding the "Smartsheet Student Badge" to all participants who complete this bug bash challenge.

Once again - this is just the beginning. Get a head start on the Smartsheet API series by joining now, and start earning the first of many Smartsheet badges. Stay tuned to future challenges here:

Good luck!

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