Thursday, May 30, 2013

Code Blitz Leaderboard: 2 Days Left

Do you like our new Code Blitz logo? It's a little ridiculous, but also, a little awesome.

With just two days left (today and tomorrow) here's our last leaderboard update before our final announcement for two main winners, and our new member winners. There's some surprises and changes on this update. However, with more than half the challenges still outstanding, there's still plenty of time for upsets:

Code Blitz Leaderboard: 05/30/13 @ 9:18am PST
(EDIT! The original leaderboard posted at 8:56 had an error in it - this is the updated, corrected, leaderboard)


  1. The thunder is very awesome, it embodies the nerdity of us all

  2. Thanks for sharing congrets ForceLogic will get highest success awarded