Friday, May 24, 2013

Code Blitz! Win 50% more this month

There’s a record number of software development challenges up on CloudSpokes right now, running through the the end of the month.

We’re a little giddy with all the activity, so we’re hosting our first ever Code Blitz: The top two competitors will win an extra 50% on top of their winnings, and any member who wins their first challenge by the end of this month gets an extra $200!

The challenges posted this weekend are on fire. We’ve got about 28 ongoing challenges, with about $30,000 up for grabs through the end of the month:

Here's the details. Any challenge which ends through 05/31/13 is eligible. A list of the challenges involved in this blitz are at the bottom of this post (and note that more might be added in), but first the rules:
From 05/22/13 through 05/31/13, we will pull the top two leaders by POINTS won for all challenges by end date. Note that [Points = Dollars won]. For example, if you win $1,000 on an eligible challenge, that will equate to 1,000 points towards this challenge.

There will be two winners chosen. Each winner will receive an additional 50% bonus on top of whatever earnings they received during the course of this Code Blitz. For example, if the top winner by points has won $5,000 through challenges, that winner will receive an additional $2,500 Code Blitz bonus for a total of $7,500!

As well - any member who wins their first challenge (1st or 2nd place with monetary winnings) during this blitz will receive an additional $200. Note that if you’ve won a First Time Submitter challenge previously, but no other challenges, then you are still eligible for this additional bonus. For example, if a new member wins $1,000 in their first challenge, that winner will receive an additional $200 Code Blitz bonus for a total of $1,200!
We already have a few members out in front given that challenges are closing right now in the timeframe posted. We'll be posting the leaderboard periodically on this blog, so stay tuned for more:

Current challenges involved are below - subject to additions as new challenges are added. 

Questions? Comment on this blog post or post on our forums. Good luck!!

Challenge URLStatusWinner AnnouncedPrize Money Available
Use New API for CloudSpokes Chrome ExtensionOpen for Submissions6/3/2013$350
CloudSpokes Mobile Signup - CodeOpen for Submissions6/4/2013$750
iPhone Call Forwarding AppOpen for Submissions6/7/2013$900
Nested Filter JSOpen for Submissions6/6/2013$300
Wear test: Message Center SchemaOpen for Submissions6/3/2013$600
Smartsheet Integration with Formstack Form BuilderOpen for Submissions6/3/2013$1,100
Docusign Mock Javascript JSON ObjectsOpen for Submissions6/6/2013$750
Wear test: Content Management 1Open for Submissions5/31/2013$2,200
UI Prototype: Tracking PopulatorOpen for Submissions6/2/2013$1,000
School Permission Form with DocuSignOpen for Submissions5/29/2013$1,200
Give the Judge a FaceOpen for Submissions6/3/2013$750
Mobile Challenge App Design - UX and Look-and-FeelReview6/1/2013$500
Opportunity Probability ConfiguratorReview5/31/2013$1,500
Deploy Echonest to an AMIReview5/29/2013$300
Dyanmic Quiz and Validation of Users ActivitiesOpen for Submissions5/28/2013$3,000
Enhancments to Send Email and Apex Class ExecutionOpen for Submissions6/3/2013$900
Call Outs as Rule ActionsOpen for Submissions6/3/2013$900
Enhancements to Rule Criteria with New OperatorsScored - Awaiting Approval6/1/2013$300
Smartsheet Integration with Wufoo Online Forms, part 2Open for Submissions6/5/2013$1,700
Smartsheet simple java command-line backup tool, part 2Open for Submissions6/5/2013$1,200
UI Prototype: Timeline GeneratorOpen for Submissions6/5/2013$800
Add queuing and recurrence to the gAudit applicationOpen for Submissions6/2/2013$2,000
Chatter Mock - Service Phase 1Open for Submissions6/2/2013$1,050
Native iOS Honeycomb Grid Navigation ComponentOpen for Submissions6/5/2013$2,250
Mobile Video Chat prototype with OpenTokOpen for Submissions6/4/2013$1,600
Sencha Touch Mobile Dashboard Prototype, part 1Open for Submissions6/4/2013$1,400
Cardwall Formatting Firefox Bug FixesScored - Awaiting Approval6/5/2013$200
Risk Assessment ToolOpen for Submissions6/6/2013$1,200
Grand Totals (28 records)

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