Monday, June 24, 2013

Announcing the CloudSpokes Hall of Fame!

Earlier today, the announcement of the CloudSpokes Hall of Fame hit the news, listing our Inaugural Class of 2013 Inductees. It comes with great honor to officially announce the CloudSpokes Hall of Fame and its first-ever class. This is something we have had on deck for quite some time now, and are really excited to announce and begin to grow.

We define our Hall of Fame (HoF) as follows:
"The CloudSpokes Hall of Fame isn't just about those members on the top of the leader boards. While incredibly important and valuable, there is more to a Hall of Famer than just wins. The CloudSpokes Hall of Fame is a mixture of the most active members in the community in all aspects, especially those who embody the type of social collaborator that makes CloudSpokes successful. Members who compete, judge, submit ideas, author blogs, and especially those who help one another learn. 
Our Hall of Fame is about the Community and is comprised of those members who love CloudSpokes as much as we love them."
The rules of the Hall of Fame are simple, elect the most deserving members of the community each year to join the elite group inducted before them. The inaugural class is a special case however, because it defines what the HoF is all about, and creates the standard for each class that follows.

Without further ado, our 2013 Inaugural Class for the CloudSpokes Hall of Fame:

For more info on our 2013 HoF Inductees, check out this mornings article in Market Wire, or on our press page.

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