Thursday, June 13, 2013

Code Blitz Winners!

All the challenges are wrapped up and it's time to announce the winners of our first-ever Code Blitz!!

But first, here's a quick recap, by the numbers:
- 30+ open challenges with $30k+ up for grabs
- 32 challenge winners and 7 first-time winners
- 92 submissions, 181 registered members total
- 2 overall Code Blitz winners!

The rules were simple. Any software development challenge that ended between 5/22 & 5/31 was eligible. Every dollar won = 1 point, and the top 2 earners get 50% bonus of what they earned in those 10 days. We also wanted some fresh blood perks as well, so any first-time winner got a $200 bonus.

Over the 10 day period, there were 33 challenges and 32 unique winners. Pretty incredible! Of those 33 winers, 7 were first time winners. Of those 7 first time winners, 6 have gone on to submit again. Now how cool is that?

It wasn't all about the first timers however. We saw some great participation by members all across the leaderboard. In fact the two overall winners of Code Blitz are ForceLogic (aka Enreeco) and Soe, who tallied up impressive totals of $2,950 and $2,400. That means they get bonuses of $1,475 and $1,200. Not a bad 10-day stretch by any means. Also a quick shout out to wcheung for keeping an extremely close race for second place, finishing a mere $300 behind Soe.

Check out the overall leaderboard with all the winners below. A HUGE congrats to ForceLogic, Soe, and our 7 first time winners, DavSurf, ForceDeveloper, ishabazz, psbothra, stephen_barker, yash123 and aluxian for being the winners of our first ever Code Blitz.

Thanks everyone who participated, and a very special thanks to all those who judged all the submissions. Don't stress if you missed this one, there's still time to jump on-board our ongoing MESH01 Code Blitz!

Final Code Blitz Leaderboard - 05/13

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