Tuesday, June 18, 2013

#DifferentSpokes Agenda for 6/19/13

#DifferentSpokes returns Tomorrow, at 3pm EST and with a packed show of special community guests and topics!

Joining us will be Kenji776, ForceLogic, Manish_Kumar and Soe. We will also be introducing our newest team member, Chris Delaurentis aka LazyBaer, who we expect to be a regular host with us from here on out.

The agenda for the show is as follows:
  • Introductions
  • Thurgood - Jeff talks Thurgood and answers questions
  • MESH01 - Kyle updates us on MESH01 CodeBlitz and what is next for the Wear test series
  • Smartsheet - Cory updates us on our Spoke Partner Smartsheet and what is coming up next
  • #DifferentSpokes Brain Storm - Tim runs through some future segment ideas
  • Shoot The Spokes - Round table discussion
  • Wrap up
As you can see, the agenda is very different than usual, but is loaded with fun things to talk about. If you are not able to join us live on the show, you can still ask questions early that we will answer online. Otherwise, follow along with the show and send in your questions in via Twitter using #DifferentSpokes.

The link to the broadcast will be sent out prior to the show starting, as well as will be embedded here once it starts.

See you all tomorrow!

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