Friday, June 28, 2013

MESH01 Code Blitz Update - The Final Weekend!

MESH01 Code Blitz has been in full effect for 4 weeks now and is in its final stage. In the past 28 days we have launched 21 MESH01 aka Wear test challenges. Sixteen of those software development challenges have already been scored and the leaderboard is still a log jam for 2nd place.

As of now, Jan3594 has a big lead and seems to be a safe bet to lock up 1st place, but there are still five open challenges that can always throw a wrench into things. Especially with that tie for 2nd between ForceLogic and shankarkamble

Here is our latest leaderboard update, before our final announcement for the main winners, and new winners. We expect to announce the final standings next week and think there will be some big payouts!

That doesn't mean MESH01 Wear Test challenges are done either. Expect another frenzy of them to come in July!

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