Thursday, June 6, 2013

Risk Assessment Tool Winners!

A couple weeks back we launched this Risk Assessment Tool software development challenge that ran for a quick 5 days over  the weekend and fell right in the middle of Code Blitz. This challenge was awesome for a number of reasons. It had 10 members registered or watching, and a very active discussion thread. Also, the name alone gave me a great reason to watch 1983 super flick Risky Business starring Tom Cruise.

The challenge called for you to build a single page application that reviews a checklist of requirements before an initiative can be pushed to the next level of approvals. To advance from level to level, the initiative had to pass certain criteria.

A really slick risk assessment tool, that ForceLogic and DEBADYUTI both knocked out of the park. They each provided demo videos to walk through their submissions, which are definitely worth a watch. You can see their scores and videos below.

As always, congrats to all who participated. If you are looking for a fun challenge to master this weekend, check out what we have open right now. We also expect to be launching a good amount of challenges early next week, so stay tuned!

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