Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Code Blitz - The Dog Days of Summer

Traditionally, summer is about having fun, enjoying the good weather, and taking vacations, but it always flies by way too fast. Well now it's also about winning some serious cash too, which hopefully takes away from the pain of summer being over the second it begins.

Unfortunately we can't run a challenge to make summer last all 12 months of the year (because we definitely would), so we came up with a different spin on a familiar idea instead.

Yup, that's right, we are launching another Code Blitz, only this time the rules have changed. This time, EVERYONE will be a winner. The rules are simple, any challenge ending between 8/1 and 8/5 is eligible.

The prize breakdown is as follows:
  • Every 1st place win earns a 100% bonus
  • Every 2nd place win earns a 50% bonus
  • Every valid submission (>75) earns 2nd place prize money
We currently have 8 software development challenges that fit the Dog Days of Summer Code Blitz criteria. Spanning across sponsors such as MESH01, Smartsheet, and DocuSign, with over $9,000 in prizes which means we will be giving out a lot of bonus money! Also note that more challenges could be added in as well.

Check out the list of challenges below, and get Spokin.

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  1. Guys, guys, guys...this is a really bad thing you are doing to me :)