Thursday, August 22, 2013

Distributed Innovation: Saugatuck Research - Enterprise IT Discusses Crowdsourcing Success

@spartovi - Sal Partovi

It's easy enough to discuss the merits of any technology advancement or disruptive business model in the vacuum of theory and conjecture.

It's another thing entirely to hear independently verified testimonials and firsthand experiences from real customers and early adopters. Theory only gets you so far in any game, sooner or later you have to step onto the field.

We've covered the basics of crowdsourcing in enterprise IT, through the lens of the research performed by Saugatuck Technology, in our two previous distributed innovation posts.

While those posts are important to set the stage, the true power of the recent whitepaper is in the anecdotes provided by the enterprise IT customers and partners that have incorporated crowdsourcing and community development into their core development. These are direct messages from the "doers" that are driving a revolution in how we build cloud applications today.

Below are a few of these testimonials. Download the Saugatuck Crowdsourcing Whitepaper to see the full story.
“We are a lot more componentized. Instead of building big monolithic apps, we build pieces and orchestrate, become a Home Depot, and supply these parts as well as the glue.”
“We are looking for the right app partners. We do not want to build our own - it's too complex, especially when we get into Social - links, security, data types, platform differences, service provider differences, formatting, everything. Let the Social specialists make that work. Our architecture is solid and we don't want to mess with it - and why should we when we can get Social as Cloud functionality?”
“If you’re going to spend money with a developer, and instead decide to do crowdsourcing, you are increasing the value of those dollars tenfold. But you also bring in people from all over the world, people who love what they do, and who bring their passion to the project, and you can’t pay for that.”

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