Friday, September 6, 2013

#DifferentSpokes is Back!

@timhicks24 - Tim Hicks

Next Thursday, September 12th at 1pm EST #DifferentSpokes will be back with an all new episode after a short hiatus.

The show will feature special guest from the community, Jan3594 and will be shot on location in our San Francisco office where Jan will be joined by our very own Mike Cardillo and Kyle Bowerman. Also joining the show for the first time, will be new CloudSpokes team member Will Price. Rounding out the rest of the crew of course will be myself, Jeff Douglas and Cory McIlroy.

The agenda for the show will go as follows:
  • Introductions
  • Whats New - Jeff talks about recent platform enhancements and changes to the site
  • MESH01 - Kyle, Mike and Jan talk about the Wear Test series
  • Project Corona - CWD talks about Corona and what's next
  • Shoot the Spokes - Open table discussion amongst the panel
  • Community Call Out - A quick shout out to members who have been kicking @$$
  • Wrap up
It should be a great show and we are really excited to get back on the air. As always, please send in questions to the crew during the show via Twitter using hashtag #DifferentSpokes. A link to the show will be sent out prior to the show starting, and will be embedded here once it starts.

See you all next week!


Here is the live stream of today's show!

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