Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Announcing the #SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon at TCO13

@timhicks24 - Tim Hicks

This year's TopCoder Open is a very special one. With the recent news of Appirio acquiring TopCoder, CloudSpokes now has the amazing opportunity to get involved in TCO13, and bring an all new track to next months event in Washington DC.

For the first time ever at a TopCoder Open, there will be an all new, all Cloud track. We're calling our hackathon "The #SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon", which features our own version of the Price is Right Wheel, and it's going to go a little something like this.
  1. Spin the "Big API Wheel" 3 times. Each spin will assign you an API to use in your application
  2. Your app MUST use 2 of the 3 selected APIs
  3. Start coding
  4. Win cash
Onsite participants will get 3 days to compete against each other for more than $20,000 in prizes, and unlimited amounts of bragging rights!

The fun doesn't end there though. In true CloudSpokes fashion, remote participants are welcome to compete in their very own version of the #SuperAwesome Cloud API Mashathon right in the comfort of their own homes as well. The virtual version of the hackathon will offer more than $10k in prizes, and just like the onsite version, will feature it's own Big API Wheel, which we will be building using the TopCoder Studio.

For more information on the onsite event, definitely check out our TCO page here and for info on the remote version head over to the official challenge page or to our forums to ask questions

We look forward to seeing some of you live at TCO13, and to seeing all you other Spokers hacking away in the virtual version.

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