Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A New Home for The CloudSpokes Blog

@spartovi - Sal Partovi

We have a monumental task ahead of us. "CloudSpokes and TopCoder, Together" is no simple feat, and behind the scenes we are working very hard to blend and improve the experience for our community members, customers, and friends as efficiently as possible. You may have noticed that we've already begun posting TopCoder challenges on CloudSpokes, and vice versa. The time has now come for another integration.

When we launched the CloudSpokes blog, we built it on Google's Blogger platform. Now, as part of the global site integration with TopCoder, we are planning on moving most of our content over to Wordpress. This includes our CMS infrastructure for information, help, and training.

TopCoder has traditionally used Wordpress incredibly well as a CMS for their main site and partner sites, but also as for its original intention: blogging.

As part of these initial steps of integrating CloudSpokes and TopCoder, we will be retiring our beloved CloudSpokes blog, and moving over to a new co-branded blog hosted on TopCoder. 

This means that this is our last post on this blog. The CloudSpokes blog has served us very well but it's time for bigger and better things - we have work to do and we need a platform across the board that supports our growth as a community.

Please join us on the new combined blog. You'll notice that most of the communications will be coming from "TopCoder" for now, but that is simply a current state formality. As with most things we do, we like to move fast and change quickly. It helps keep things interesting. Expect another redesign of the current combined CloudSpokes and TopCoder blog by the end of the year.

Lastly - we would like to thank everyone who's contributed to the CloudSpokes blog over the past years, and formally invite you to come contribute to our new combined blog with whatever story you wish to share. If you have something in mind to help kick things off, let us know!

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