Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Final Frontier of Cloud Democratization - Technical Talent

Credit: Wikipedia
@spartovi - Sal Partovi

Think Different

In the early days of Salesforce, CEO Marc Benioff masterminded a brilliant marketing campaign titled, “No Software”. Perhaps inspired by Apple’s campaign around “Think Different”, the No Software mantra was clearly an emotional play, targeted to a very specific set of individuals.

Monday, September 23, 2013

In The News: CloudSpokes and TopCoder, Together (Round-up)

@spartovi - Sal Partovi

There was an impressive amount of news coverage on last week's announcement of Appirio's acquisition of TopCoder.

Below are the main news features and highlights of what will be remembered as a monumental tipping point for crowdsourcing in enterprise IT, as the combination of CloudSpokes and TopCoder creates the world's largest professional development and design community:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

CloudSpokes + TopCoder, A CloudSpoker’s Perspective via @talesforce

@timhicks24 - Tim Hicks

As everyone knows by now, CloudSpokes and our parent company Appirio, had a pretty eventful week. As soon as the news hit Tuesday morning, I reached out to longtime CloudSpoker and community rockstar Talesforce asking if he would share his thoughts on the announcement with the community. He graciously accepted and returned a draft back to me less than 2 hours later! (Hence the present tense for a post 2 days after the news)

Because of the flood of articles, and blogs focused on the acquisition news, I decided to hold onto Talesforce's piece so it wouldn't get lost in the mayhem, but believe now the time is right. Without further ado, check out Talesforce's perspective on the combination of CloudSpokes and TopCoder below.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Appirio Combines TopCoder and CloudSpokes - The Uber Cloud Services Company

@singhns - Narinder Singh

Yesterday, Appirio announced the acquisition of TopCoder and its combination with CloudSpokes to create a community of nearly 600,000 of designers, developers and data analytics experts.

Our journey with TopCoder and crowdsourcing began nearly five years ago when we used the community to help prepare for a keynote at’s Dreamforce conference.  Our success with the model made it clear that the cloud + the crowd was revolutionary.  Today, we take a significant step forward in making that vision a reality.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CloudSpokes and TopCoder, Together - Two of the World’s Largest Dev Communities are Now One

@spartovi - Sal Partovi

Yes - you read that correctly. Today, CloudSpokes’ parent company, Appirio, has announced the acquisition of TopCoder with the intention of combining two of the best developer communities in the world.

CloudSpokes - as you all know - is the leader in crowdsourced cloud development, and is a crowdsourcing marketplace that matches companies who need development work with a worldwide community of more than 75,000 cloud experts. TopCoder is the world’s largest Open Innovation Community of digital creators with over half a million members from nearly every country in the world.

So what does this mean for you?

Friday, September 13, 2013

In The News: How to get the best developer talent working for you: contract a community

Venture Beat - Narinder Singh

"However, with the connected nature of the world and the ubiquity of cloud platforms, technology and social collaboration offer a more efficient and dynamic way of connecting the best designers and developers with enterprises seeking those skills. Marketplaces such as CloudSpokes, oDesk, TopCoder, uTest, and many others, allow for every unit of work to be connected directly with experienced sets of developers."


Thursday, September 12, 2013

In The News: Crowdsourcing: How Every Business Can Afford Top Technical Talent

IDG Connect - Mike Morris

"If companies leverage crowdsourcing effectively, they can expect to scale development teams without needing to recruit and train new talent, or pay for idle talent. A small team of generalists trained to effectively crowdsource an army of specialists, allows for teams to make the switch from being a group of people managers, to a group focused on solving the business problems at hand."


In The News: Crowdsourcing Software Development

Financial Times - Jane Bird

"As a relatively small company based in California, FinancialForce finds it difficult to compete with big names such as Google, Twitter and Salesforce, when hiring software developers, says Debbie Ashton, the company’s vice-president of product and customer success.

“'The CloudSpokes community is like an elastic resource that we can stretch and shrink to our requirements,' Ms Ashton says. FinancialForce is using it to develop enhancements to its core products."


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Defense of #CoffeeScript

@coryio - Cory McIlroy

This is an open response to a recent challenge discussion post by a member (you know who you are) who referred to CoffeeScipt as an "esoteric language". I too used to be a CoffeeScript hater. While I'm not a true disciple (yet?), I do want to take a few minutes to provide three arguments for why CoffeeScript should be tolerated, if not embraced, as a language in our community.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Announcing the Weekly Newsletter via Jeff Douglas

@timhicks24 - Tim Hicks

Earlier today, colleague Jeff Douglas announced that he was setting up a free, weekly newsletter, based on on and Heroku. We thought this was a great idea, and wanted to share it with you all as well, as another useful tool at your disposal. For more information on the soon to come Newsletter and how to subscribe, check out his post below, and where it will all live, here.

Friday, September 6, 2013

#DifferentSpokes is Back!

@timhicks24 - Tim Hicks

Next Thursday, September 12th at 1pm EST #DifferentSpokes will be back with an all new episode after a short hiatus.

The show will feature special guest from the community, Jan3594 and will be shot on location in our San Francisco office where Jan will be joined by our very own Mike Cardillo and Kyle Bowerman. Also joining the show for the first time, will be new CloudSpokes team member Will Price. Rounding out the rest of the crew of course will be myself, Jeff Douglas and Cory McIlroy.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Node.js QR Code Image Generator with S3 Winners!

@timhicks24 - Tim Hicks

Last Thursday we launched a pretty cool little challenge, running in to the long weekend. The ask was to build a Node.js module that accepts a string, generates a QR code as an image file, uploads that image to Amazon S3 and in then returns the URL. This all needed to be also be deployed on Heroku as well.

We knew there were tools out there that did each of those pieces individually, but that didn't cut it for us. With some nice instructions and a good starting point, from a previous challenge, this challenge got some big interest and fast, having 6 participating members sign up almost immediately.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Recap 2013 Salesforce MVP Summit - via Jeff Douglas

@timhicks24 - Tim Hicks

Last week in San Francisco, Salesforce gathered all of it's members in their MVP Program for their annual MVP Summit. Luckily for us, our very own Jeff Douglas has been a long time SFDC MVP and was along for the ride. Following the summits conclusion, Jeff posted the following to his personal blog (all in the airport terminal waiting to get back home). We thought it was a great post and wanted to also share it with you!